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Summarize to Save Time!
Your can already search across all of your Nextaris Folders, including those shared with you by other users.
But now a new Summarize option lets you do more ('Summarize' under each folder's Options pull-down menu). When you select Summarize, Nextaris opens a new window and displays all the text from across all the files/documents in that folder. If you select the radio button "Key Points", Summarize will extract and display the key points of each file--blogs and all--in one easy-to-use scrollable list with links to the original files/documents/Web pages saved in your Folder. And after Summarize will come one more revolutionary step -- Nextaris, your one-stop Information Exchange!

Nextaris Short Form
If you already understand how to use all the Nextaris tools and features, consider using Nextaris on your desktop browser in its Short Form -- this is the same as using Nextaris on a mobile device -- stripped-down and fast.
Tips: 1) Log in first at the upper right corner of the window; 2) Instead of Tabs across the top, the short/mobile form of Nextaris uses a pull-down menu near the upper left of the window.

Disk space expanded to 100MB
Our beta users wanted more space to take advantage of our great sharing enviroment and easy-to-use Photo Album features, so we have expanded the disk storage available to accounts to 100MB (megabytes) -- up from the beta 20MB. Subscription users now have 250MB of disk storage.

Nextaris goes mobile!
All the same Nextaris features and capabilties available on your desktop-browser are now available on your Treo; Blackberry and other mobile devices coming soon!

Easily capture images from web pages using the new NextarisImages bookmarklet (see one-click NextarisImages bookmarklet).

"How Nextaris Helps You..."
New "how to" Help windows walk you through (step-by-step) how to use some of the most popular features of Nextaris.

SSL Secure
For added security, all the LAN/desktop files you Save to and Share from your Nextaris Folders are now SSL 128-bit encrypted (Thawte) during transmision over the Internet.
Files that you publish using the Nextaris Publish Tab are not encrypted or secure.
Note: some older browsers, such as Internet Exlorer 5.x, do not support SSL; learn more about browser requirements.

Clip directly to Folders
Nextaris's unique Clipping capability has been expanded so you can now save Clippings (text portions of Web pages) directly to any Folder, not just to your Blogs. With direct saving to Folders, each Clipping becomes a separate document to which you can add comments (see one-click NextarisClippings bookmarklet).

Photo Album Folders
Extending the functionality of Nextaris's highly-unique Folders, you can easily upload single photos or batches of zipped photos from your desktop. Nextaris automatically creates "photo album" folders for you with easy-to-navigate thumbnails of the photos. Then with just a few clicks you can share via the Web (privately) these photo folders or you can "publish" any of these folders to the entire Web. No more fees or upload issues -- Nextaris makes it easy to "reach out and show your friends".

Seamless "bridge" between your email and Nextaris Messages!
Most folks communicate via the Web using email, after all, it is the #1 application on the Web. Now Nextaris and your email can function as one seamless process! You can receive an email alert whenever another Nextaris user sends you a Nextaris Message. And you can link directly from that email into your Nextaris Messages. This "bridges" email with Messages and lets you take advantage of Nextaris as your own private network. This applies to messages you send to individual Nextaris users as well as messages sent to Groups of Nextaris users. Set this Preference under your Account Tab.

Invite-a-Friend: Easily create your own powerful social / collaborative network.
In one easy step you will be able to send out email-based invitations to all your family, friends, and colleagues inviting them to join your "network". You will be able to monitor who has accepted your invitation and easily create a Group(s) from those who accept. Those who accept will be automatically added to each other's Address Book. Then simply create Folders that you share with the Group(s) and you have the best of both worlds -- super-easy and private messaging within your network and the direct exchange and sharing of information and research. See "User Invitations" under Address Book.

 RSS Enabled.
Under the Publish tab, you can select any of your folders or blogs for easy publishing, and you can now "RSS Enable" your published Nextaris blogs.

Improved icons for Folders and Files.
Along with interface tweaks, we have updated the icons/links for Folders and Files that have annotations along with a new icon/link indicating which of your Folders you have selected as Published. (see Help/Folders)

Session Always ON -- Power Use!
This makes Nextaris "always On" -- no more having to Login after your session times out. Thanks to Chris Sherman of SearchEngineWatch for his comments on this important aspect of power research on the Web. Set this Preference under your Account Tab. (read the Caution note)

One Entry Point for Log in -- Time Saver!
Whether you Login from the Nextaris Home page or from the small window (after clicking on NextarisPages or NextarisClippings), any time you go to Nextaris (, as long as your session has not timed out, you will automatically be taken into Nextaris starting at the Home Tab.

Search Sources expanded to 57.
We added to and tweaked the original 30 search sources to offer broader one-click coverage. Thanks to Gary Price for his suggestions!

Capture / Save / Share Web content in any language.
Now you can save any Web page or clipping in its original language and font. Nextaris is one of the few sites that offers true web-based capture and sharing of content, and now you can capture and communicate with anyone around the world without loss of text characters or language/font limitations. Thanks to Lars Våge of for encouraging us to make Nextaris truly "global."

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