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Nextaris Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is Nextaris?
Nextaris represents the next generation of web-based tools that help you access and use information via the Web -- it is the culmination of over five years of development at SurfWax. Nextaris is currently available only on a for-fee basis for corporate/enterprise accounts.

There are many tools in Nextaris. How do I Start?
1. Contact SurfWax to discuss pricing and terms (for a group account--30 users minimum). If and when terms are agreed upon and a contract signed, you will be able to Sign up to create your account(s).
2. Login and go to the Account tab -- for the most effective use of Nextaris, check the "Link My Messages" and the "Always On" boxes and Save (be sure this is what you want -- read the Cautions)
3. Go to the Home tab and click on the One-Click Capture link and install the three Nextaris bookmarklets on your Favorites/Links bar.
4. Start with an immediate need that you have, a project, think of what you want to do on the Web today, such as researching and gathering information on a a topic, or sharing photos, or creating a blog. Review the "How Nextaris Helps You Use the Web" samples and read the simple, step-by-step procedures for meeting that initial need.
5. Expand your use of Nextaris by following the other procedures under "How Nextaris Helps You Use the Web".

When I select Options under the Folders tab nothing happens?
You have several options for Folders and Files, such as Share, Rename, Copy, etc. Selected options open in a small window. If you do not see this window it may be because you have pop-up blockers turned on in your browser or toolbar. Allow pop-ups to see the options windows for Nextaris.

How can Nextaris work with my pop-up blocker?
You will need to disable your popup-blocker. While some toolbars and browsers block popups, most pop-up blockers have a key (often the Ctrl key) you can press to disable them for one click.

How do I change my account information?
You can change your account information by logging into Nextaris and going to the "Account" tab. You can change all your sign-up information including your Topics of Interest, but your Username can not be changed.

I lost my password. What do I do now?
You can have your password emailed to you. Click on the password please link and we will email back your sign-up Confirmation question, and upon receipt of the correct answer, we will email you your password.

Can I select multiple search engines for searching?
You can only search one search engine at a time, but you can easily switch between sources/engines with just one click.

What is the correct search syntax?
By default multiple words queries are treated as "and" searches meaning pages returned will include just the words entered into the search box. For more details on search syntax, check out the Help link on the Search tab when you Log In to Nextaris.

Can I have Nextaris messages forwarded to my Email address?
Yes. Under the Account Tab you can select an option to have an alert sent to your email to inform you that a Nextaris message is waiting. The email contains a direct link to your Inbox for Nextaris messages. You can also have NewsTracker alerts emailed to your email address.

Does Nextaris let me cache documents?
Yes. When you use the NextarisPages Toolbar button for capturing a web page, you will see an option to cache a web page in the popup menu. For copyright reasons, Nextaris only caches text from a web page. Images are available as links from the cached copy only when they remain available on the web. Using the NextarisImages bookmarklet you are able to separately copy images from a web page.

Am I violating copyrights by saving personal copies of documents I find on the Web?
In certain circumstances, "fair use" under the Copyright Law allows you to make a copy of a copyrighted work for personal use (e.g. a teacher for classroom use). It is SurfWax's policy that the copyright of the legal copyright owner must be properly respected relative to all and any content or images saved to your Nextaris folders (see Nextaris Use Policy for more information.).

Am I violating copyrights by sharing or publishing web pages, Clippings thereof, images, or documents I find on the Web?
Per the terms of the Nextaris Use Policy (Terms of Use--AUP) that you accepted when you signed up for Nextaris, you are personally responsible for making sure that you share only files that are your personal files or in the public domain, and that you do not share or distribute copyrighted content or files. See Nextaris Use Policy for more information.
Bookmarking and email provide methods of saving and sharing documents. When you view a cached page from Google and Save it and then send that Web page to a colleague, you are effectively sharing content or documents. The copyright issues and implications for sharing documents via methods available on the Web are as of yet not fully understood. The methods available to you through Nextaris are similar to those you might use with saving and emailing cached pages, only Nextaris offers a more efficient solution. Nextaris does track and post bibliographic and attribution information (when available) for pages and Clippings and images you save from the Web to your Nextaris folders.

Where are my documents stored?
Your documents are stored on Nextaris severs located in a highly-secure data center facility.

How secure is my data?
Your private Folders (documents and files) are available only to you through your Login password. For off-site backups, all documents/files are first encrypted for your protection.

How do I get my documents if SurfWax is no longer around?
If SurfWax Inc. is ever sold or ceases operations, all users will be sent advance notice (to the email address in your Account tab) within a three-week period so that users may download and save their Folder and files to alternate sources. Additionally, a notice similar to the email would be posted on the Nextaris home page for at least two weeks.
Please note: Per the Nextaris AUP, it is the user's responsibility to make their own local backups of all files and to maintain a valid working email address under the Account Tab so Nextaris can contact the user with occasional update notices or as required. Please see our Use Policy

Does Nextaris monitor my web surfing or capture personal information?
No, Nextaris does not monitor your Web usage or capture personal information other that what you provide when you sign up for the service. SurfWax Inc. does not distribute or sell your personal information to third parties. Ads served on Nextaris pages are based solely on the Topics of Interest you select when you sign up. Please see our Privacy policy

Does Nextaris scan my documents?
No, Nextaris does not scan your documents. You documents are stored on a secure server.

What is your privacy policy?
SurfWax, Inc. -- the company that owns Nextaris -- will not sell or distribute your personal information to outside parties.

Isn't my data safer on my own computer?
SurfWax makes no warranties about data stored or saved to Nextaris (see our AUP). However, we backup data nightly to secure, internal servers/SAN. Data is fully (128-bit) encrypted and stored periodically off-site (fully encrypted and separate from account data).

Why do you ask me for Topics of Interest when I sign up for Nextaris?
We ask you for five topics of interest for the purpose of serving relevant context-targeted ads.

Do you have a client-side application?
No, for ease of use and browser flexibility, Nextaris is available only as a web-based application that requires no download or installation of client-side applets or executables. This approach keeps Nextaris "web-environment" neutral so that you can Login to your Nextaris account from as wide a range of devices as possible, and you can "connect" with the widest audience of Nextaris users as possible. Browser buttons are javascript-based and require no download.

How do I suggest search sources to add to the list on the Search tab?
You can submit search engine suggestions by emailing us. We will carefully review all suggestions and incorporate new sources that are functional for the widest audiences.

What browsers and operating systems does it work on?
Nextaris works with Internet Explorer 6.0 or later (Windows), Safari (Mac OSX), Opera, Firefox, Nextscape 7 and above and Mozilla. Nextaris requires that you have Cookies turned on for your browser, and Nextaris uses javascript. Nextaris is written 100% in Java and runs on Linux and Windows servers (see Browser Requirements)

How is Nextaris different than my bookmarks/favorites?
Nextaris takes you well beyond bookmarks and favorites. Nextaris lets users not only save links to their favorite sites but also to save entire Web pages or portions ("Clippings") of pages, to upload documents from a local computer, to cache documents on the Web, and share files and information with other users.

How does Nextaris make money?
Nextaris makes money through context-targeted ads that appear on various pages. Nextaris also earns revenue through our premium custom services to organizations and enterprises.

What is my storage limit?
You can save/store up to 100 megabytes (MB) of files and documents to your Nextaris Folders.Only files and documents that you have saved (that you own) count towards your limit. Content of folders shared with you by another user ("owned" by that other user) does not count towards your limit.

What are the bandwidth limitations?
The current bandwidth limit is approximately 30MB/month (see Nextaris Use Policy for more information.), SurfWax does monitor for bandwidth excessive use and reserves the right to implement a surcharge for high bandwidth usage on a case-by-case basis at any time in the future.

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