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"Nextaris...path-breaking social software..." Thinking [November 10, 2005]

" poised to take the concept of information exchange to the next level."
EContent Magazine [June 2005]

"Nextaris may be the next big deal,..Given how much it offers, Nextaris could become your new home on the Web."
The Courier-Mail [April 30, 2005]

"Nextaris - Time and Task Management Tool for IT Workers ... With the growing popularity of Blogs seen in the corporate world, the Nextaris system provides an easily adaptable environment to learn and publish quality content from easily accessible files...This tool helps manage the only virtual resource a good programmer can not create, time."
StepForth [March 9, 2005]

"New Generation of Search Sites to Threaten Google...there's still room, I think -- especially for sites that, like, are trying to take search to the next level."
Business Week Online [March 8, 2005]

"It's free and very cool! Nextaris is also now providing several new tools including mobile web access to many of their services. Wow! More than worth a look!"
ResourceShelf [March 7, 2005]

"[SurfWax with Nextaris]...this Menlo Park company continues to blaze even more trails.
Now, Nextraris Mobile. Wow! ... I've mentioned numerous time that the mobile web will continue to grow in importance not only for the casual web user but also for the web researcher and services like Nextaris Mobile will help make it happen. All Nextaris services are now available on the mobile web. It's easy to use, fast, and saved material renders nicely in a mobile browser. It's also a good business move by the company. In a word, awesome!!! I'm going to stop writing and return to using Nextaris Mobile."

SearchEngineWatch [March 7, 2005]

"Nextaris is designed to enable Web users to: capture and save both Web content (pages, clippings, images) and desktop files to secure Nextaris online folders; securely access these folders/files from Web-enabled devices, wired or wireless; securely share folders/files (including photos, video, spreadsheets, documents); publish blogs/RSS feeds, and folders; search multiple Web sources and track news; and network with friends, family, and colleagues through spam-free private messaging."
EContent [March 7, 2005]

Following is praise for our beta:

"To me, the most interesting feature Nextaris offers is the ability to share folders with others. This is a true peer-to-peer system, allowing you to collaborate in virtually real-time with others. Beyond sharing folders of saved research with others, Nextaris also has a messaging system that lets you communicate with collaborators, as well."

"What I like about Nextaris is that once you've got the information, you can Do Stuff with it. You can publish it in 'Blog format. The information you specify is published on their site using an URL which incorporates your user name. If you're deeply into information gathering and you don't want to have your own Web site, this would be an awesome way to do it. As you might imagine, the first thing I asked about was RSS feeds in conjunction with the 'Blog. They're in development, I was told, but not yet around."

"Brainchild of the Surfwax search engine Nextaris is a new (now in beta) search and publishing tool that functions as a personal/group Internet information toolkit. Nextaris provides the tools needed to effectively use information on the Web.
Nextaris offers all of these facilities in a single web-based application that requires no software to be downloaded and installed. A free try-out account can be created in no time at all.
Kudos for having pushed the envelope in the right direction."

MasterMind Explorer

"These are both very practical functions and they do not only work in Internet Explorer for Windows, but also for instance the Mozilla variants for Linux.
Nextaris is an advanced web application for information management of many kinds. This is only to be expected from SurfWax which for years has been renowned for its intelligent metasearch service which uses linguistic tools to propose alternative query words, and creates abstracts or Site Snaps for the search results through automatic text summarization."

"...takes Searching and Info Management to a new level."

"You can then save findings (with annotation or without) in folders that can be shared selectively with others or posted to a public website. Internal messaging helps information-sharing groups to communicate and build folders."
The Sunday Times Online

"...blazing a trail for the next generation of web tools."
Search Engine Watch Online

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